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To all whom these presents shall come, Greetings!  

The community pool is open! Check the RMRA site for hours. Be mindful of children walking or biking to/from the pool. They are not thinking about vehicles on the road but going to the pool. There are no sidewalks on our streets.

Block Captains are needed. Contact Kevin Francis, call - 420-2409.

Some information regarding schools, demographics, York County General Info and the Welcome page have updates as of 2015 Statistical Digest.

Information about what to do is included because we are all human and we tend to do things when we get around to it / round toit. Here is one:

Old Point Comfort at Fortress Monroe.

The lighthouse at Old Point Comfort marks the entrance to Hampton Roads. It was here that the Jamestown settlers spent their first night in North America. They decided they wanted a place further inland and sailed up the James River to found Jamestown. The lighthouse was captured by the British in the War of 1812 and used as an observation post. From here the Brits went on to burn Hampton then turned north to burn Washington, D.C.

Siege of Yorktown:
Siege of Yorktown or the last major scenes of the movie, ’The Patriot’ or how Hollywood got it wrong again! Forget whatever Hollywood (or Disney) produces about many (most) historical events. The closing scenes to the movie 'The Patriot' come to mind when enormous lines of British and rag tag colonials with regular French forces fight at what is supposed to be Yorktown. Mel Gibson kills Colonel Tavington (Lieutenant Colonel Banastre Tarleton). It didn't happen at all. Roughly 8000 British Redcoats were surrounded by 17,500 colonials with only 800 yards between them. That distance whittled down to 400 yards. There was no grand charge. Tarleton or Tavington was on the Gloucester side. Tarleton did not die at Yorktown but went back to England and was something of a hero and joined Parliament. Take the tour at the Yorktown Battlefield.

Dinosaurs! And it's not Jurassic Park or World!

Want to see dinosaurs? Or what we believe them to look like? Come to the Virginia Living Museum. The dinosaurs won't be there forever but will be there until September 5. There are many flowering plants and much animal life native to Virginia at the museum. There's even a planetarium and laser sows. Come down and see at 524 J. Clyde Morris Blvd, NN 595-1900.

Go out and learn more about your community!

Go to the Budget Page and preview the budget for RM for 2016. It is a PDF file and you should view it in Adobe Reader.

RMCA Board Minutes are posted on the page for the Board at the bottom of the page.

We had the warmest October, November and December on record.

OFFICIALLY: Political signs are not allowed on property in Running Man
UNOFFICIALLY: Tiger paws are not really permitted on the asphalt but on the driveway. Tabb High has the stencil and the particular shade of orange paint.

Things happening in the near future:

Now it's time to seriously think about:

The 4th of July: no fireworks in Running Man.

At 9:15 PM in Yorktown, best viewing along the Yorktown waterfront, beach picnic area. No viewing at the Yorktown Victory Monument or concessions. 

At Busch Gardens, 2 - 4 July, nightly fireworks displays.

At Newport News Victory Landing Park starting at 9:30 PM, fireworks over James River.

Colonial Williamsburg has colonial period fireworks starting at 9:30 PM.

On all of the above fireworks venues, check out the Daily Press for parking, directions and other events prior to the fireworks displays.

Vacation: let the York County Sheriff check your home while you are away through the vacation house check program; stopping your mail delivery; letting your neighbors know you will be out of town for a while. Yes, I know that this is a new year; however, folks will be planning on a vacation at Spring Break and maybe a short vacation over President's Day. Be safe, not sorry!




Next meeting RM Board of Director Meeting is 21 Jun at 7 PM in the Clubhouse.


RMCA Board meetings held 3rd Tues of each month at Clubhouse, 7 PM. blank    





Contact any RMCA board member if you want a subject covered, addressed, or want to add your own article.

Do you hve any comments about the Smoke Signal? Contact any RMCA Board member.

Why should you want to live in York County, Virginia and Running Man in particular?
I could give you many opinions from previous and current residents but opinions can be tainted so let's go with some facts:

Temperature -- lowest average low -    40.4F (2015) 32.6F (2012) January
                            highest average high - 80.75 (2015) 87.4F (2012) July
Precipitation -- 47" (2015) [45.6" - 2012] annually and 9.7 inches of snowfall (Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar)
Population density - 625 per square mile
Median household income -- $82,073 (2015) [$81,406 - 2012]

Then there are nine 4 year institutions and 3 community colleges that serve York County:

Christopher Newport University

College of William and Mary

Eastern Virginia Medical School

ECPI - East Coast Polytechnic Institute

Hampton University

Norfolk State University

Old Dominion University

Regent University

Virginia Wesleyan College

Paul D. Camp Community College

Thomas Nelson Community College

Tidewater Community College

Source:  2015 Hampton Roads Statistical Digest

York County has a rich cultural heritage spanning 400 years. In the heart of Virginia's Historic Triangle, national landmarks such as Yorktown, Jamestown and Colonial Williamsburg blend naturally with the treasures of the gentle pace of life in York County, one of the most livable places in the country. Nestled in the woods adjacent to scenic rivers, Running Man is a peaceful sanctuary cherished long ago by native Americans who enjoyed the bounty of these lands -- and today by a new generation of Virginians.

Ms. Beth Cerri has organized a yard and garden club.  I have enough trouble just trying to kill the weeds and keep the grass from dying.  I would never profess to have a green thumb.   However, Ms. Cerri seems to have beaten the dirt devils and can grow anything -- OK, what she does is take her lot and grow what suits the lot according to soil, drainage, sun, etc.  Bottom line -- her yard looks  great and she is willing to share her expertise.  The RM Yard and Garden Club has held a couple of meetings, is free, and you can learn something about your yard.  Please look for the next meeting in the Smoke Signal or the temp sign in the medians.

Some residents have come to RMCA board meetings -- nothing really to shout about -- except they get to see/hear how we handle the business of the community.  Some have also presented concerns which various committees on the board handle and will address.  The invitation still stands -- anyone may come just let us know in advance to permit accommodation of space and time.

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