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To all whom these presents shall come, Greetings!  


The more things change, the more they remain the same. How many times have you heard that saying from either Bon Jovi or Alphonse Karr?

Well, there are some changes in the wind for Running Man.

Residents should have received their Smoke Signal along with the color hurricane guide.

So here is change 1 that has already happened -- the Smoke Signal will still be delivered to your mailbox but it will be in color and cover more material. A company made a presentation regarding their services and experience level. The RM Board decided to go with the company. The RM publication will still be called 'Smoke Signal' and still have the RM logo and RM specific articles but material will be in color on glossy pages. There may be a month or two that you receive two copies -- one in color and one in B/W.

OK - change 1A -- added a new page for residents to announce 'lost and found'. If you have an item you have lost or have found, use this page to contact the Webmaster and have it posted.

Change 2 -- The medians -- we had a really cold winter. That was exacerbated with the great amount of rain we had over two weeks recently. The weather may have affected some of the crepe myrtles. If they are totally dead, they will be replaced. RM did not cut the crepe myrtles under the power lines! The utility company does this annually and while one tree in the median looks entirely different (like a lollipop) from the other crepe myrtles, look further in the right of way -- all crepe myrtles look just like it. They have (usually) come back.

YARD SALE: post- yard sale information!yard sale

It came, we had it, we removed the signs -- so now what?

Approximately 77 residents participated. The costs to RM were met and we actually made $15.00. It isn't a whopping amount, but the costs to the community then were none. No incidents or problems were reported and un-needed/un-wanted items were donated at the truck by the clubhouse.

All in all, it was a success.

hurricane Hurricane Season is approaching!

Looking at change 1 -- Here is change 3 -- the normal weather is changing seasonally. With your Smoke Signal, you received the Hurricane Guide. The weather is not to be taken lightly. This is the beginning of hurricane season. Some are forecasting several storms while others are predicting few, if any. Be prepared no matter whether the predictions are right or wrong!


Change 4 -- BACK TO SCHOOL:

We've had our tax free day on purchasing school supplies and may be looking forward to that first day of school (maybe). The local schools have had their school supply lists posted on line for quite some time. Several of the local merchants had supply lists available in their stores.

Why all this talk about school?

Well, new bus drivers will be out learning and familiarizing themselves with their routes. Old bus drivers will be checking out their busses for any issues. And when school finally starts, there will be several bus stops in Running Man with our children running towards them. Watch out for kids at bus stops. They are not watching out for traffic, only their big yellow bus and friends at the bus stop.school1

This item is not a change -- this item is about time! And, the NFL has finally
The community pool is closed but life will not be over since we also have Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas to look forward to.

How many shopping days are left?

Why should you want to live in York County, Virginia and Running Man in particular?
I could give you many opinions from previous and current residents but opinions can be tainted so let's go with some facts:

Temperature -- lowest monthly average low -    32.6F January
                            highest monthly average high - 87.4F July
Precipitation -- 45.6 inches annually and 7.6 inches of snowfall (Dec, Jan Feb)
Population density - 625 per square mile
Median household income -- $81,406

Then there are eight 4 year institutions and 3 community colleges

Source:  2012 Hampton Roads Statistical Digest

York County has a rich cultural heritage spanning 400 years. In the heart of Virginia's Historic Triangle, national landmarks such as Yorktown, Jamestown and Colonial Williamsburg blend naturally with the treasures of the gentle pace of life in York County, one of the most livable places in the country. Nestled in the woods adjacent to scenic rivers, Running Man is a peaceful sanctuary cherished long ago by native Americans who enjoyed the bounty of these lands -- and today by a new generation of Virginians.

Ms. Beth Cerri has organized a yard and garden club.  I have enough trouble just trying to kill the weeds and keep the grass from dying.  I would never profess to have a green thumb.   However, Ms. Cerri seems to have beaten the dirt devils and can grow anything -- OK, what she does is take her lot and grow what suits the lot according to soil, drainage, sun, etc.  Bottom line -- her yard looks  great and she is willing to share her expertise.  The RM Yard and Garden Club has held a couple of meetings, is free, and you can learn something about your yard.  Please look for the next meeting in the Smoke Signal or the temp sign in the medians.

As you may have also noticed, the medians on Running Man Trail have all had curbs placed on the ends.  The landscape timbers were not doing the job.  The head wall on a couple of medians was also repaired.  The grass looks well in the medians and has been cut and clipping clumps removed.  The continuing project will involve selecting shrubbery or flowers to plant in the medians.  Kudos (not the snack food) to the Landscape folks.

Some residents have come to RMCA board meetings -- nothing really to shout about -- except they get to see/hear how we handle the business of the community.  Some have also presented concerns which various committees on the board handle and will address.  The invitation still stands -- anyone may come just let us know in advance to permit accommodation of space and time.


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